Rutgers on a Winning Streak; Looks to Improve Rankings

Rutgers ice hockey has been off to an incredible start coming out of a winning streak with its previous games.

“It’s been nice to win a couple of games, but I don’t think anybody is satisfied yet.  There’s certainly a lot of room for improvement in our game overall,” Coach Bernstein said.

The Ice Knights moved up seven spots to No.19 in the ACHA D1 national rankings this past week.

“Winning two games against Udel [sic- University of Delaware] was very important for us to try to move up in the division and get 4 points. It was great to see Chris get rewarded for his hard work, and the whole team really pulled together to help him out Friday night,” Bernstein said.

The team hosted a “Pink in the Rink” game the previous week benefitting a breast cancer charity.

Coaching and hosting an event to raise money for this cause is not just a game to Bernstein; his grandmother passed away from breast cancer before he was born and his coworker is a breast cancer survivor.

Bernstein says it was really nice that we were able to raise money for a great and important charity.

Captain, Brian Gnad admits, “This year we are off to a great start. Sweeping Delaware was an awesome accomplishment and it definitely gives us some confidence moving forward. While we took a bit of a step back in losing to West Chester this past Friday, we were able to rebound quite nicely and beat them the following day.”

Gnad is currently leading the nation in points/game with 16 points in only 6 games (2.67 P/G).

“I’ve managed to put together a good start, it’s a long season and I am just focused on doing whatever it takes to help our team make our first national appearance since I entered as a Freshman two years ago,” Gnad said.

There are two guys in particular that Gnad says he cannot give enough credit to–two wingers Kevin Fitch and C.J. Maksut, as they make his life easy as a center.

“They are both have incredible hockey sense and the three of us are very pleased with the chemistry we’ve developed over the first 8 games of the season,” Gnad said.

Rutgers continues to look to improve their record this season and continue to move up in the NCAA rankings.