Stephen Bressi on Don Bosco Prep’s BCT Championship

The Ironmen defeated Ramsey with a 2-1 win earning the boys their fourth consecutive title as Bergen County champions.

Both teams were scoreless for the first 26 minutes of Bergen County’s Ice Hockey Tournament final.

Ryan McLinsky from Bosco scored at 10:47 in the second period and Joe Verboys scored 10:54 in the third period; Alex Whelan gave Ramsey their one point scoring at 11:14 in the third.

Both teams had extended periods of possession before the other could clear the zone and set up shop on the other end. The game ended with Ramsey having 33 and Don Bosco having 32 shots on goals. Alexei Masanko was in goal for Bosco and Tyler Harmon for Ramsey.

Stephen Bressi from Bosco says, being part of a team that is undefeated in the County Tournament is a great achievement.

“It’s great to be apart of because we get to look back as seniors and say we won four of those together and we get to walk through the halls and see all four trophies together,” said Bressi.

As far as the championship game went, Bressi says, “We knew it was going to be a hard, exciting game. We knew the crowd was going to be big. We knew that it was the battle for Franklin Turnpike. Just in the locker room we knew we had to play a strong game like we did against Bergen. Good defense and get pucks to the net.”

Bressi plans on playing hockey in college and wants to be remembered “as the guy who shows up to a game always ready to play no matter what.”

Bosco reigns as the only Bergen County Tournament champion as the Ironmen defeat Ramsey 2-1.

Peace, love, toodles.