North Jersey Avalanche, WB/Scranton Knights & Philadelphia Little Flyers

On January 31st, the North Jersey Junior Avalanche took to the rink to play the WB/Scranton Knights in a close game resulting in an Avalanche loss of 4-3.

The game started off slow until Joel Vehkalahti from the Knights scored in the first period on a power play. The period closed in a one point lead to the Knights.

Tal Finberg from the Avalanche looked to tie the game with two goals in the second period, but the Flyers’ Dylan Derozario and Kai Kapossy took back the lead ending the period 3-2 Knights.

Tyler Uravage scored giving the Knights a two point lead over the Avalanche in the third period. Finberg was able to score again against goalie Zach Sanchez giving him a hat trick, but that still was not enough for the Avalanche to win.

One of Avalanche’s defenseman, Steven Shanley said, “I think defensively we didn’t shine as a group as we could have to reach our full potential.”

The Knights won in a 4-3 game and the Avalanche prepared themselves to take on the Brewster Bulldogs the next day. (The Avalanche beat the Bulldogs with a 9-2 win).

On the following Saturday, February 7th, the Avalanche looked to keep the start of a new winning streak alive, but failed to due so against the Philadelphia Little Flyers in a 5-3 loss.

Both teams were off to a slow start with no one scoring in the first period. The game picked up in the second period when goal after goal was made.

Noah Dorfman from the Avalanche was first to score a minute and a half into the second period and Liam McLaughlin later on followed him. The Avalanche’s two goals were no match for the Flyers with Michael Butler scoring one and Eric Lauk scoring two goals.

The Avalanche proceeded to try and tie the game, but the Flyers’ goaltender Gennaro Anzevino did not let up the lead. Butler scored again in the third period and Cullen McNally’s power play goal was enough to secure the win from the Avalanche.

Steven Schapiro from the Avalanche scored ending the game in a 5-3 loss to the Flyers.

Shanley says he remains hopeful that the Avalanche will bounce back as a group.

You can watch the Avalanche take on the Walpole Express and the Boston Bandits this Valentine’s Day at the Icehouse.

Peace, love, toodles.