Justin Lamber’s Story

Justin Lamber, a former professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners and Kansas City Royals shares some of his memorable moments of playing in the big leagues.

Lamber was drafted right outside of high school by the Minnesota Twins. He received a phone call and denied their offer after being hurt for the first time in all of his years of baseball. It bothered him not taking the Twins’ offer, but he decided to go to college hoping to get drafted again.

After attending the University of Richmond for a couple of years, Lamber was asked to pitch for the Kansas City Royals. He stayed with the team for five years (1997-2002) until the Mariners offered him a deal. Lamber played until 2006 before calling it quits and moving back to Hackensack.

Lamber owes much of his success to his family and specifically his brother, Keith.

“My older brother Keith influenced me to play; anything he did I wanted to do. When we played baseball as a kid I started with just a bat and a ball,” said Lamber.

After playing for almost ten years professionally, Lamber decided he needed a change.

“The game weeds you out through the years. After playing for almost ten full years and winning five championships, it was time to go back home,” said Lamber.

Lamber says he misses the competition more than playing everyday. He says he made great memories with the people he played with and against; all of the bus rides, plane rides and times on the field with be remembered.

Lamber has considered going back to baseball, but chooses not to.

“The Royals and Mariners both asked me to coach. I turned down their offers because I wanted to do more. Getting up early in the morning was not all fun and games, however, I would not trade it for the world, ” said Lamber.

As far as memorable players go for Lamber, Jeter as well as others make his list.

“Jeter is up there. He was a guy I followed and admired. Kevin Long was also a ridiculous player whom I am good friends with him. The one player who still amazes me though, Sean Casey. He now works at the MLB network, but I watched him in college and was shocked by him. You could tell he belonged in the big leagues,” said Lamber.

Lamber says playing baseball or any sport takes skill. He wants all young kids to remember that they will have to work hard to get to where they want to go.

“They have to work their tail off. Baseball happens a lot more than any other sport, you will have to deal with some failures along the way, but always ride the wave never too high or too low,” said Lamber.