North Jersey Avalanche & Metro Fighting Moose

On Nov. 15th the Metro Fighting Moose shutout the North Jersey Junior Avalanche 7-0.

A minute into the first period, Matthew Kritikos scored for the Moose. Shortly after that, Wyatt Zuk scored. The Avalanche was unable to score and was down by two.

During the second period the Moose’s Bryan Conklin, Mickey Wallace and James Karp all scored on power plays and the period closed 5-0.

In the third period a change of goaltenders was necessary for the Avalanche. Ryan Chung replaced Shane Brown, but even that was not enough. The Avalanche fell 7-0 after Brandon Shulman and James Karp scored on power plays for the Moose.

Whether or not penalties resulted in the Avalanche’s loss, forward, Stephen Zabrowski, says it was a tough loss, but there were a lot of good learning points we took from the game.

The boys are not looking down on this loss; instead they feel confident that this will only help them grow stronger as a team.

“No-one seems to be worried, which is a good thing because facing adversity is a common factor in every championship team,” said Zabrowski.

Peace, love, toodles.