North Jersey Avalanche & Long Island Royals

On Nov. 6th North Jersey Avalanche lost in an overtime battle against the Long Island Royals.

During the first period, Avalanche scored all of their three goals minutes apart from each other. The boys looked like they were off to a great start having Devon Schell, Evan Calendrillo and Sasha Miniouchine score, but things quickly changed.

Dylan Fogarty and Tyler Barrow both scored in the second period for the Royals. Avalanche was scoreless that period and Miniouchine received a suspension along with Stephen Zabrowski minutes later.

“I was a little surprised because I didn’t think that would happen,” Miniouchine said. “[Number] 55 from the other team came at me after I hit his teammate. I tried not to throw any punches because I knew I would get suspended if I did.”

A misconception resulted in Miniouchine getting suspended.

“The ref thought that I did throw a few punches and that ended up in me getting tossed out of the game and suspended,” Miniouchine said.

Bryan Whelan scored tying the game in the third period. By the end of the third period, penalty after penalty was given out. Both teams had 16 different counts of penalties.

The two teams ended up going into overtime where Matthew Araujo scored for the Royals ending the game 4-3.

Peace, love, toodles.