North Jersey Avalanche & New Jersey Renegades

On Oct. 25th the North Jersey Avalanche played the New Jersey Renegades, dominating them in a 10-3 win.

Both teams scored every period with Nicholas Brown scoring first for Avalanche three minutes into the game. Tal Finberg and Hadley Marin also scored during the first period again with Brown.

Goalie Shane Brown was unable to stop the Renegades from scoring one goal during the first period by Aigars Vilmanis. The first period closed with a 4-1 lead to the Avalanche.

Stephen Zabrowski scored with Avalanche short handed during the second period. Kevin Murphy along with Tal Finberg also scored. Michael Gennello from the Renegades was able to sneak a goal past Avalanche. The period ended with the Avalanche leading 7-2.

During the final period of the game three goals were scored by Avalanche and the Renegades were unable to take the lead. Liam McLaughlin, Nicholas Brown and Kevin Murphy all gave the Avalanche a stronger lead and the Renegades were able to score once by Michael Gennello.

Both teams received penalties sporadically. For Avalanche, David Hefferan received two penalties-one for hooking the other an interference. Noah Dorfman and Eric L’Heureux both received penalties for cross checking. Steven Schapiro received a penalty for slashing, while Ryan Chung received one for hooking.

The game closed with the Avalanche outshining their opponents 10-3.

Peace, love, toodles.