North Jersey Avalanche & Philadelphia Flyers

On Oct. 18th the North Jersey Junior Avalanche took to the ice against the Junior Philadelphia Flyers.

Both teams were off to a slow start during the first period. First to score was Jack Zanville from the Flyers 12 minutes into the first period. Seconds later, Noah Dorfman from Avalanche scored, tying the game.

The second period was full of shots on net. Avalanche scored three consecutive goals, from Daniel Moore, Nicholas Brown and Tal Finberg. The Flyers trailed, though Patrick Devlin scored with seven seconds left in the period. The second period closed with a 4-2 lead to Avalanche.

In the third period both teams were unable to score, leading to an Avalanche victory. By the end of the game, both teams attempted to score with 22 shots each on goal.

After the game, a few members of Avalanche spoke about the outcome of the game.

David Hefferan, defenseman, who started skating at two, has been playing for fifteen years now. He says there is not much that he would have changed about this game except the fact that he “wishes he could have stayed out of the penalty box. I am just taking it week by week. We did well today.”

Goalie Shane Brown is proud of Avalanche’s victory. Brown has been playing for 13 years and enjoys playing as goaltender.

“We played well and did a good job. Our season is off to a great start, we have won four straight now,” Brown said. “Anytime you can beat a team and move up in the rankings is a good thing. Every game is a battle, but it feels just that much better when you come out on top.”

Evan Calendrillo, forward, has been playing hockey for 14 years and says he hoped he could have contributed more to the game, but he’s glad Avalanche won.

“I think the game went pretty well. We were strong and dominated the game for the most part except for all of the penalties, which we have to cut down on,” Calendrillo said.

Head Coach, Billy McCreary, has been coaching Avalanche for two years now along with assistant coaches Colin Church and Donald Kane. He hopes the boys will improve their opening technique.

“We were a little chippy and need to start better. We were sluggish and it takes us a few minutes to get into the game,” McCreary said.

Avalanche will take on the New Jersey Renegades at their next game Oct. 25th in Hackensack, NJ. For the latest Avalanche news follow them at Facebook and Twitter @JuniorAvalanche.

Peace, love, toodles.