“The Best Summer of Your Life.” Part 2

It has been 24 hours now since I left Northwestern University. Coming into the cherub program I never thought that I would become so close to people in the matter of five weeks. I did not think I would cry when it was over, boy was I wrong; I bawled. 

So much has happened between my last blog post and now. We had karaoke, which by the way my team won (Yeah, Go Go Gomez), we sat through our final lectures and had our final moments together. 

Parents and friends wanted to know about my experience and what I did during cherubs. I could not find the right words to describe everything that went on. It would have taken me days to list everything that I could remember. They would not understand the inside jokes nor understand some pictures that I was tagged in. Instead I thanked them for this experience. 

All of the runs to Dunkin’, sleeping on the couch after spilling coffee all over my room and vacuuming the common room will be missed sure, but the one thing I will really miss is seeing 83 other passionate people-Nothing compares to that. 

The lectures really were life changing. It is not everyday that you get to hear from the founding editor of People, Dick Stolley, or hear from ESPN’s, Mike Wilbon.

The professors also had a huge impact on my life. Each and every one of them offered something new to my life. Before coming to cherubs I did not know half of the stuff they talked about. I would like to thank all of them for igniting that journalism spark in not just me, but all of the other cherubs. You all reassured that the journalism field is not dying, it is just changing.  

Thank you Roger Boye for this opportunity. It was a blast and our zoo trip will always remain a memory.

A special thanks to the CAs of course. I know counting 84 of us at 9 am is not an easy task, but you did it anyway. You all pushed through barely getting any sleep (y’all should have had Dunkin’).  Aric, Jaclyn and Tyler- you know that we all love you and cannot thank you enough for everything you did. To Tyla and the Easta Egg, please never break your bond. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

To all of the other cherubs-we survived Hinman, got caught jaywalking, bonded at Andy’s and we were told that no matter what we do, we can do it. 

I love you all. No matter where we end up, I have no doubt that we will all succeed. 

If any of you should ever find yourself in the great state of New Jersey or New York City, please call me. We can get spumoni. 🙂

Thank you all for the “best summer of [my] life.” Each of you inspired me in ways that I never thought were possible.

So keep the Snapchats, tweets and Facebook posts coming…Erica, you have some planning to do.

And always remember Dr. Seuss’ wise words, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Peace, love toodles.