“The Best Summer of Your Life.” Part 1


This past March I applied for a summer program at Northwestern University. I waited anxiously for the letter in the mail to say I was accepted. A few weeks later I found out I would be attending the Medill Cherubs Journalism program.

The program takes place over a five week period. I have now been in the program for three weeks and have already fallen in love.

The school is absolutely stunning and the area of Evanston is beautiful.

84 students from around the world have come together and have formed a “family” making their passion for journalism stronger than ever.

My experience has been amazing. The things I have learned here by far have been beneficial to my life. I have always known journalism was what I wanted to do, but being here I am definitely confirming my decision that this is what I want to do with my life.

The instructors and people here are unlike anyone I have ever met. Each of them have their own way of running things and teaching us. To me there is nothing more inspiring than seeing people do what you want to do and love it. I am in awe of each and everyone one of them.

We are surely keeping busy by writing stories almost every day and we have definitely felt the “deadline pressure.” But it all has been so much fun and will be worth it.

Of course we can’t have all work and no play.

The CAs have done a great job keeping us entertained and provide help when needed. They are characters in and of themselves, surely making everyday fun.

Being at Northwestern and experiencing the college life, has changed me.

Learning to fend for yourself and being on your own is inevitable. We all will face the real world someday, some sooner than others. Doing laundry, waking yourself up and being on time for class is something we all will have to do. It’s a good experience for us.

The weekends are very relaxing here. Going to bed at 3am nearly everyday and waking up at 8 eventually gets to you. It’s good to take a stroll by the lake or go shopping downtown.

I have two more weeks left here and will miss everyone dearly. They say “every experience shapes who you are as an individual,” and this has definitely shaped me.

I look forward to the rest of the program and sharing this experience with all of you.

When I walked into East Fairchild on the first day of the program, there was chalk on the sidewalk that said, “Welcome to the best summer of your life.” I can without a doubt say that has been true.

So here’s to the next two weeks!

Peace, love, toodles.